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We Want A Business Solution

We Want A Business Solutions, Not Expensive Litigation

Problems and disputes can be worked out if people are fair minded. Our first step is always, “can this matter be worked out?” Is there a reasonable solution? Litigation is time consuming and expensive; it should be the last resort.

Lawyers should be problem solvers first; and litigators second. We understand from the client’s perspective, a closed file is the goal! And we want to help you get there!

Every file is reviewed for alternatives and solutions to avoid litigation. Care is taken to consider (1) the amount involved, (2) the reputation of the lawyers representing the other side, (3) that attorney’s willingness to be reasonable, (4) whether the disagreement stems from money or principle, and (5) possible ways to resolve the situation which may not have been explored.

Not every case will have an early resolution, but it is always part of our initial evaluation. Sometimes it takes a lawyer to talk to a lawyer. Can we help you discuss settlement with the other lawyer? We have a demonstrated record of first-rate lawyering, i.e., solving problems!

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