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Our law firm serves as outside general counsel for numerous Oklahoma businesses helping physicians, retailers, wholesalers, developers, contractors of all types, restaurants, daycares, managing general agents, independent adjusting companies, surveyors, and virtually any type business you can name. We like helping businesses and families who operate companies in Oklahoma.

New customers sometimes ask, what do you mean by outside general counsel. It’s a good question. Large companies use enough legal resources that it makes sense to employ a full time in-house attorney. Typically, the attorney (or staff of attorneys) are direct hires and are employed full-time exclusively for the company. Of course, not every business can afford a full-time lawyer.

We bridge the gap for businesses that need legal counsel for various matters, but not frequent enough to justify having a full-time lawyer on the payroll. With affordable plans for businesses who use an attorney occasionally, we provide legal services to companies.

In our view, the best client advice needs to be tailored to fit you, your objectives, and your goals. Anyone can give you advice, but meaningful counsel means knowing the people behind the business. We create a relationship with you to learn how you operate. The result is the legal advice you need when you want it.

Good legal advice is more than just giving you insight about the law. Sure knowing the law is important, but legal decisions for businesses involve many aspects other than the legalities. Just as the traditional in-house attorney advises the C.E.O. on far more than the law, we look at the big picture. In-house lawyers are concerned about the bottom line and making sure the company is profitable. The suggestions and counsel go to the very heart of the business. We understand your business goal is to earn a profit.

So, why choose us?

Your Outside General Counsel3

First, we work hard to get to know your expectations, desired outcomes, and work as your legal advisor and business partner. Our recommendations are not purely the legal considerations, but your company as a whole.

Second, your work isn’t being assigned to a junior level attorney that you never met. You want to know who is taking care of your legal issues and not find out they were handed off to an inexperienced lawyer.

Third, we represent all types of businesses and industries. The broad experience gives insight from all kinds of industries, occupations, trades, and professions.

Fourth, trust us to understand our limits. We don’t pretend to know everything and have no problem telling you if we don’t know the answer. That’s not to say we can’t find the answer with some legal research. We just don’t believe it’s right to act like we know everything.

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