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Business Attorneys That Partner With You

Business Attorneys That Partner With You

You want an attorney that’s more than just an attorney, you want someone with genuine care and concern for your business! We act as a partner in your business by serving as your outside general counsel. Running a business in today’s legal climate requires up-to-date legal knowledge and experience. You want an attorney with a view towards business and solutions. Some law firms seem more concerned with ways to bill rather than really trying to find the solutions. You want the answers, not just more bills to pay at the end of the month.

There’s a public perception that all lawyers are the same. One is just as good as another is the mindset. In part, the perception is the ethical restrictions placed on attorneys. Bar associations prohibit an attorney from saying that he or she is better than others. It is true that all lawyers licensed in Oklahoma are legally qualified to handle your legal affairs, but no two attorneys are the same.

  • Experience matters! To believe a lawyer with over 30 years experience compares to a newly licensed attorney defies
  • Understanding litigation and the reasons behind lawsuits is The key to avoiding litigation is understanding what causes lawsuits. It is hard to avoid the pothole in the road if you can’t see it. Knowing the purpose of litigation lets you know when to fight and when to settle.
  • Background in fields other than law gives breadth to attorneys. You want a lawyer that knows more than just law. You want a professional that understands business and who has operated
  • Trust is composed of two essential You want a business lawyer whose competency you depend upon. You also want personal integrity above the minimum ethics imposed by the bar association. After all, no one wants a business partner that doesn’t measure up.

Steven V. Buckman is a business lawyer with actual construction knowledge, that owns and operates other businesses than just a law firm, has extensive trial and litigation experience, has been involved in virtually every aspect of insurance disputes, has experience in agriculture, and has been the “Go To Guy” for Oklahoma businesses for years. Long term clients are more like family than customers with relationships going back decades.

Buckman Law clients are advised on ways to avoid litigation and resolve disputes early to keep legal expenses to a minimum. The bottom line to every business is making a profit. Buckman Law becomes part of your team and a partner in your operations. Knowledgeable about contracts, the firm prepares legal documents, reviews business deals, understands leasing, works with employee issues, offers risk management practice advice, assists with reviewing insurance policies, litigates business disputes, forms corporations and LLC’s, and has benefitted numerous businesses and companies in all aspects of their operations.

The Buckman Law Firm knows its strengths and understands when you need tax advice. Not afraid to tell it to you straight, the firm is not a tax attorney and does not profess to be skilled in tax issues. Instead, Buckman Law works in conjunction with your C.P.A.’s to blend the unique skill sets of both to give you the very best in legal representation and income tax advice. Once again, a team effort to give you the very best in professional advice at affordable costs.

If you want an attorney that will treat you like a partner, give us a call. 866-959-3185.