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Oklahoma Insurance Bad Faith

Oklahoma Insurance Bad Faith

Protecting you from fraud
Buckman Law Firm provide legal representation for clients litigating matters of bad faith claims and insurance fraud in Oklahoma. We assist clients in protecting their interests while settling these matters and offer the benefit of high standards of discretion and professionalism.Oklahoma insurance bad faith lawsuits frequently arise when the insurer and policy holder disagree over the amount paid and settlement. The insured will bring accusations of bad faith including improper claim practices against the insurance company to be settled in court for:

  •     Denying a claim without explanation
  •     Failure to communicate with insured over the policy benefits
  •     Failure to conduct an adequate investigation of the claim
  •     Prolonging payment or hindering settlement negotiations
  •     Not disclosing policy limits
  •     Proposing a settlement worth much less than the claim
  •     Offering less than the amount owed

Undoubtedly the insurance company will defend these accusations and argue punitive damages are not warranted.  Many times the insurance company will accuse the insureds of wrong doing also. If the insureds commit Oklahoma insurance fraud to collect larger settlements, it can be a full defense. The risks are high. For an insurance company, even bogus accusations of bad faith, regardless of their merit, can have detrimental consequences to their reputation. Bad faith allegations can cost the company business in the future.

Buckman Law Firm understand the stakes for everyone in an Oklahoma insurance litigation lawsuit. We devote our practice to bad faith litigation and understand your needs with our years of experience.

How to manage a bad faith claim:
One of the best things you can do when involved in bad faith litigation is to retain legal counsel immediately. A lawyer plays a very valuable intermediary role in these situations by legally managing all forms of communication between the litigants and the courts.

Buckman Law Firm find that parties that take a proactive and communicative stance has a better chance of negotiating a settlement out of court. This can be achieved by a sincere effort to solve the problems at hand:

  •     Communicating clearly about the policy and your position
  •     Actively negotiating an equitable settlement
  •     Exploring mediation and arbitration proceedings
  •     Promptly investigating the claim
  •     Setting up early meetings with the other attorneys

There are cases where going to court is the only option. In those cases and any cases of Oklahoma insurance bad faith claims, Buckman Law Firm will stand by you to protect your rights, your integrity, and your good reputation.

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