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Oklahoma Insurance Litigation

Analysis of insurance policies plays a vital role in Oklahoma insurance coverage defense. At Buckman Law Firm, our lawyers are skilled in understanding insurance policies and analyzing coverage issues to devise effective case strategies. We aim to resolve claims as cost-effectively as possible. Insurance coverage services our firm provides include:

  • Analyzing policies
  • Determining coverage obligations
  • Evaluating risks
  • Developing claim strategies
  • Mediating or arbitrating disputes
  • Drafting letters to decline coverage
  • Drafting reservation of rights letters
  • Negotiating various agreements for:
  • Policy commutation
  • Non-waivers
  • Cost sharing
  • Settlements
  • Insurance coverage litigation

Insurance Litigation

Effective approaches for insurance disputes in Oklahoma

Planning an Oklahoma insurance dispute defense requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of insurance laws and the ability to interpret policies. After careful policy review and studying the claim tendered to the insurance company, we present our analysis and advise the most effective course of action.

Negotiating a fair settlement outside of court is generally favored by all parties because it saves time and the cost of litigation. For that reason, we usually initiate settlement negotiations followed by mediation or arbitration if no settlement is reached. Typically, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can also save time and expense for our client.

Insurance coverage litigation is a last resort approach. However, our initial analysis and strategy always addresses the possibility of litigation. That way no time is lost and we stand prepared to go to trial if necessary to protect our client’s interests. Thorough defense preparation also serves our clients well during the negotiation stages and can frequently provide leverage to help us avoid litigation.

Insurance coverage areas

We analyze coverage in a broad range of insurance coverage areas:

  • Environmental contamination
  • Toxic tort
  • Professional liability
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Reinsurance claims
  • First party property claims
  • Third party property claims
  • Business interruption
  • Casualty claims
Tailoring service to meet your needs Each claim has its own unique characteristics, and our analysis, strategies, and representation reflect our efforts to tailor services to resolve our client’s legal issues. Clients who require insurance dispute defense in Oklahoma benefit from our combined legal experience of more than 65 years and our commitment to resolving their matter in a timely and cost-effective manner. Put our experience to work  Call 918-940-2222 today.