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Coverage Opinion

Oklahoma Insurance Coverage Opinions A coverage opinion is a suitable way to show fundamental fairness on the part of an insurance company when differences of opinion over coverage. Obtaining a coverage opinion from competent legal counsel familiar with insurance policies and the manner in which they are interpreted by Oklahoma courts demonstrates an insurer is attempting to do the right thing. It shows the insurance company tried to fairly determine the coverage question rather than merely saying “it’s not covered”.

The job of Oklahoma coverage counsel is to try to: (1) glean the relevant facts from the claim investigation, and (2) apply the policy provisions in accordance with the insurance laws in Oklahoma. Oklahoma coverage defense attorneys predict how the courts will likely resolve the question. Coverage opinions are valuable for many reasons. First, if coverage is in fact owed, it saves years of needless, expensive litigation by finding out the answer before the lawsuit is filed. Second, it shows good faith on the part of the insurer because the company chose to investigate and find out the answer from an objective third-party. If in fact there is not coverage, the coverage opinion often provides the law necessary for the declaratory judgment action which will likely end up being filed by one side or the other to interpret the insurance policy using Oklahoma law.

An insurance defense attorney in Oklahoma is the best source for guidance about Oklahoma law and the interpretation of the insurance policy.