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Insurance Law in Oklahoma

A commitment to excellent legal representation
Buckman Law Firm is more than a group of insurance law attorneys in Oklahoma. Our firm is completely dedicated to the pursuit of justice for our clients. We form a cohesive team of lawyers and a support staff that commits to honesty, integrity, and excellence in our work.

We focus our practice on the following civil matters and insurance law in Oklahoma:

  •     Bad faith insurance
  •     Business law
  •     Coverage disputes
  •     Declaratory judgments
  •     Coverage opinions
  •     Premises liability
  •     Trucking accidents
  •     Fire loss
  •     Products liability
  •     Employment discrimination
  •     Wage and hour litigation
  •     Interpleaders
  •     Fraudulent applications
  •     General civil litigation
  •     Motor Vehicle Accidents
  •     Slip and falls
  •     Uninsured Motorists
  •     Transportation

Insurance businesses today face the difficulty of proactively defending against fraud without losing standing with their customers.

Buckman Law Firm understands the tough decisions businesses have to make and is here to offer one simple solution—quality legal representation. Our firm’s fundamental commitments to excellence and quality go a long way in the business world. We boast a roster of high-profile clients and stake our reputation on your overall satisfaction.

Oklahoma insurance law—firm assets
Buckman Law Firm knows that it takes a certain kind of person to build a reputable insurance law practice, and we have devoted a lot of time finding the right people. Every member of our team possesses attributes we feel are indispensable in matters of Oklahoma insurance laws:

  •     An inherent sense of personal responsibility
  •     A belief in delivering quality service for a reasonable fee
  •     A strong moral conviction of right and wrong

Customer service is more than just an office policy to Buckman Law Firm. It is about taking the time to make a difference in our clients’ business affairs. It is about solving problems at hand without compromising future growth. And it is about staffing the kind of people who can help your business settle legal disputes.

Throughout our practice we stand strong to the promise to provide our clients with quality representation. To us, this means providing the best possible representation without prolonging legal proceedings.

Contact us or call 1-866-959-3185 for insurance law attorneys in Oklahoma.